Lasgidi Love. 12

Alex’s head came slamming into the plate of amala in front of him. He knew it was too good to be true, that his arch enemy would actually want him fed. He managed to grab a bite before CJ’s men, Kola a.k.a raspy voice and Akpan, the comedian, pulled him to sit upright. “Where do you think this is? A charity home?”, Kola asked sarcastically. “Guy, he wan actually chop the amala oh”, Akpan said, acting shocked with mouth agape. “This is unfair guys. Your boss offered me the food”, Alex said. “Nye nye nyenye nye nye nye”, Akpan said, mocking Alex’s words. “No decision, no amala. Na on top woman matter you wan die? Guy sharp up oh”, Akpan continued.

Kola’s phone rang and after he had listened to the person on the other end of the call, he placed the phone on the part of Alex’s ear, not smeared with gbegiri. “You have until tomorrow morning to make a decision. America or death”, CJ don stated. CJ cut off the line and the men tied Alex’s other hand back to the chair. Akpan helped clean Alex’s eyes when Kola wasn’t looking, and for this, Alex was grateful. Kola placed the hood back on Alex’s head and two men left the room.

Ajifa wondered why she hadn’t heard from Alex all evening. He usually called her after work, or stopped by at her office to go for dinner together. She thought the whole Biodun drama was getting to him and that he had begun to withdraw. She was about to call Alex when she got a text from Jude. “Alex is in trouble. I’m with the police and we’re trying to track him”. Her heart skipped three beats. She started looking for the other pair of her flip flops, as she didn’t care to wear a shoe at this crucial moment.

Ajifa was about dashing out of the house when her mum called out to her, “Madam, why are you running?”. “I’ll be late mum. Please don’t wait up”, she responded. “Which one is ‘Don’t wait up’?”. Are you in some sort of trouble?” Dorcas asked. “No, but Alex is. I have to go now”, Ajifa said. “Okay, God will deliver him in Jesus name! He will not see evil. The Lord will protec…” Dorcas was cut off by Ajifa. “Amen! love you, gotta go.” Ajifa quickly said. She started the car and sped off from their large compound.

Alex had been cutting the red rope that tied his hands, on the broken part of his chair. He had noticed the area when his hood was removed. While CJ don was engaging him, he had enough time to scan the area and look for tools to help him in his escape. He was taught how to do this from his training, back at camp. Akpan loosely tied the knot while trying to rush back to finish his amala. Alex managed to cut off the rope from his right hand. There was a sunken line on Alex’s wrist and it looked like it almost cut off the blood flow to his fingers, as the line was really pale. Alex searched for his mobile phone but then remembered it falling to the ground, while Kola dragged him from his car.

Jude and six police officers had been scouting the address Alex had sent to him. They found some people already at the crime scene. Two police officers with some passers-by were standing beside Alex’s car, which was eighty metres from the given location. The police tried to find Alex’s mobile phone but couldn’t find it and Jude had guessed it was stolen from the scene by one of the onlookers. What they didn’t know was that Akpan had picked it up while Kola was having a smack down with Alex.

To be continued…


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  1. Ose Raphaels says:

    That amala and gbegiri looks delishesss btw.
    Keep em coming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omam24 says:

      Yay! As in, i wan chop the amala too. Thanks for reading :))


  2. Cholly says:

    “Why are you running” 😂😂
    Those guys are wicked, hot gbegiri with assorted meat. Ow!
    Iys like God will use Akpan to help Alex.
    Chai, it’s heating up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omam24 says:

      Haha! Ow, such evils. They didn’t even allow him to eat meaf. Amen oh, i’m praying so too. Thanks for staying abreast.


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