Lasgidi Love. 13

  It was 12:15 am and Alex had gotten free of his bond. He was making a headway for the door, when he heard footsteps approaching. He ran behind the door to make a quick dash for it, when it opened. The door handle moved at an angle of 45 degrees and the door was pushed open, even if the force wasn’t needed. Kola stormed into the room. It was as if he had antennas that signaled him to come in at this time. “What?!” Kola exclaimed and then walked towards the infamous kidnap chair. Alex zoomed out of the room as fast as his legs could carry him. He had been sitting for so long, that his legs felt numb.

  Kola sighted Alex and charged towards him, but on his exit from the room, Akpan hit Kola on his forehead and knocked him unconscious. He threw Alex’s phone at him and gave him a signal to leave. Alex looked at Akpan like he was his Black Panther, his T’challa, his… “You no go run now, stand there dey look me”, Akpan said, calling Alex to his senses. “Thank you so much bro”, Alex said with gratitude. He promised himself he would find a way to get Akpan out, when they came back for CJ don. ‘They’ meaning the Police, in conjunction with the LAPD. They had been working together since CJ don had defrauded the Stellcity bank in Los Angeles, America. Alex had come to Nigeria mainly for this reason. He was a Cop.

  Alex placed a call to Jude’s phone and it rang only once before Jude picked up. “Alex, ah thank God! Where are you?! We’ve been scanning the area”. Alex began to describe where he was and also turned on his GPS, to connect with that of Jude’s. He was whispering the details of the surrounding to Jude, while he hid behind a water tank in the compound. He saw a tall, lanky man in black overalls, guarding the gate. He started thinking of a plan to get through. So he turned on the tap of the water tank, to cause a distraction.

  The guard came to check what was wrong with the tank and then Alex developed speed like the road runner. Alex had only pulled the bolt of the gate lock, when he heard, “Adamu! Don’t let him get away”, It was Kola. He was awake. “Damn”, Alex muttered. He pulled the gate open, thinking he could still outrun Kola, but then he saw him standing there. Standing outside the gate was CJ don, in his blue checkered Pajamas. The scene looked like a joke that Alex couldn’t laugh at, considering whose shoes he was in.

  “Com’on man, i gave you 24 whole hours. Why did you have to decide so early? I was having a good sleep”, CJ said, yawning. Kola was breathing heavily and staring at Alex, like a predator, waiting to pounce on his prey. He had called CJ immediately he woke up from his black out. “I must give it to you though, you are very relentless. I’m sure you thought it was a virtue, but that’s what getting you killed. CJ pointed his gun on Alex’s chest, where his heart was situated. Alex’s heart thumped heavily against CJ’s gun as he looked up at CJ with a clenched jaw. “At least i can go back to bed knowing you’re out of the picture”, CJ said, smirking.

  CJ removed the safety on the gun and was ready to shoot when something hard touched his head. “Pull that trigger Biodun and you’re gonna see the devil tonight”. The voice left CJ don as shocked as Alex was. Kola’s face dropped too, as well Adamu’s knees, when they saw the troop of police officers surrounding the area. Alex couldn’t believe his eyes. Not in his very wild imagination would he have imagined this part of the story. There, standing in the dark of night, with a full moon and 3 police cars, was her. His bae. It was Ajifa.

To be continued…


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