Lasgidi Love 16 (Final chapter)

  Alex hadn’t driven far from Ajifa’s house, when he saw a car following him. He had been paranoid since his kidnap and was being extra cautious now a days. The car got closer and he saw it was Ajifa’s. He stopped his car and went down to meet her and she went down from her’s too. Alex was a bit confused. “Ajifa.. Where are going? Are you okay?” he asked. “Yeah. Coming to get you back”, she blushed. “You could have just called me to meet up”, he chuckled. “I know. I live for the drama”, she giggled. Alex smiled and her favourite song was playing in her head.

   They were standing between their cars and holding hands. Passers-by were staring at them and looking for where the camera was, as this kind of scene was rare to see in Lagos. Ajifa sighed. “When i saw Biodun point his gun at you, i couldn’t handle it and then the next minute, i find out you’re a Cop and that you’d be around guns all the time. I never, ever want to see you hurt. That’s why i couldn’t say yes when you asked me to marry you”. Alex nodded, “i totally get it”, he said. There was a moment of silence. Cars and motorbike sounds became audible in the background. “But  i’d never know until i try right?”, she said “Yup” he said.

   Alex reached for his pocket and Ajifa was all smiles this time. He went on his knee on the hard, tar ground, “Will you do me the honour of marrying me, Ajifa Jacobs?” he asked. “Yes! Yes”, she said with all certainty. Alex was so happy. he quickly placed the ring on the fourth finger of her left hand. He lifted her up and spun her gently, minding where they were standing. “I love you babe”, he said smiling. “and i love you”, she said with her piercing brown eyes. “Finally!” he said. This was the first time Ajifa had said that to him. There was a middle-aged man passing by them on the street. “She said yes!”, Alex said and the man looked at him weirdly. Congrats, but there are more important things in this country. There was a pause and they both laughed. “What a kill-joy”, Ajifa said. “I know”, Alex chuckled.

   “Dinner tonight?” Alex asked. “Yup. At my house”, Ajifa said, winking. “Really? You sure?” he asked. “Yes, time to properly meet the parents and officially ask them for my hand too”, Ajifa said. “Awesome.  I’ll be back at 7 sharp”, Alex said. They kissed and both drove off. When Ajifa got home, Dorcas, her mum was happy to hear that Alex was going to join them for dinner. “Oh thank God oh. This girl has finally come to her senses”, she had exclaimed. Nala was laughing uncontrollably. She thought Ajifa’s mum was so dramatic, especially when it came to her daughter. Ajifa grabbed Nala’s hand and they went up to her room.

   “Yes! Now for sure i can start planning the wedding!”, Nala said excitedly. “Yes madam planner. One day you must tell me of the bobo you are hiding”, Ajifa teased. “Me, which bobo? I’m just focused on work and art for now oh”, Nala said. “Hmm, i’m watching you. What of that guy from camp? Paul abi?”, Ajifa asked. “Yeah.. and?” Nala said. “That guy that was dying for you ehn”, Ajifa giggled. “Where is he now?”, Ajifa asked. “No idea oh. I lost his number”, Nala said. “Awwn, i hope you guys get to see again”, Ajifa said with hope. ‘Yeah.. I guess. But right now,  is not about my love life but yours!”, Nala quickly changed the subject. They both talked until evening and then all had dinner with Alex. Akogwu, Ajifa’s brother was back from University and was home for the weekend. He too was happy to meet the mystery man in his sister’s life. Ajifa was very happy to be with the love of her life and her family. If only she knew…

   Months had gone by and their wedding was around the corner. The whole preparation was hectic due to the huge demand of weddings in Nigeria but Nala made sure Ajifa didn’t feel stressed. “You have to look rested on your wedding oh, so you have to go”, Nala said. “How can you let me go to the spa while you do all these?”, Ajifa asked. “Because you are the bride. Simple”, Nala replied. Ajifa was wondering where on earth she got this friend from, a dependable one. She later agreed to have the spa treatment. So here she was, sipping on her cocktail, standing near the wet sauna and still wondering how she got here, getting married to the guy she met at Ogbonge gym. She laughed within herself when she remembered how she reacted to Alex at the car blocking incident and shook her head.

    The wedding day came in a flash! Ajifa was dressed in a white, silky ball gown with diamond stones on the details. She looked like a Queen with her crown and long flowing veil. Alex was also looking dapper in a grey, fitted tuxedo. Ajifa was glad he chose that colour because it was her favourite. His family had traveled down from the United States to Lagos for the wedding ceremony. They had said their vows and everyone was all smiles. The joining pastor then asked if there was anyone who would object to their union. Everyone looked around, smiling, not actually thinking anyone would. “You didn’t think i’d miss this wonderful gathering for the world, did you?! CJ don said in a loud voice, while approaching the pulpit. Ajifa and Alex stared in horror. There was a gun shot.


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  1. Cholly says:


    Tell me this isn’t the last chapter.
    Don’t leave me hanging laidis na…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Omam24 says:

      My wonderful reader, unfortunately, this is the last chapter… 😦


  2. Ose Raphaels says:

    Bikko, Omam, this cannot be the end o!
    Sequel gats dey…
    I’m in love with the movie already tho.

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    1. Omam24 says:

      Hehehe, my brother, you have reached the end of this story. But i can’t wait for the movie too! You never know, we could see something there


      1. Ose Raphaels says:



  3. Tkay says:

    Omam ……who got shot .???..please not Alex nor Ajifa.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omam24 says:

      Let’s just hope is neither of them dear ❤

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